this is

The Cham Declaration

We live in unprecedented times. Back in the day, one had to work toward leaving something behind as their legacy. This is no longer the way of the world, you can have a legacy while still having breath in your lungs. It’s no longer about leaving something behind, it’s about living with it every day. I’ve always been more of an idealist than a futurist (not to say I’m not forward-facing because I truly am) but now I find myself in a space-time continuum that allows my ideas to live exactly how I want them seen, consumed and appreciated.

Everything about the future of now (or the present future) excites me so much that all I want to do is stay busy doing what I love and loving what I do. I wouldn’t be this excited if all I’ve done had been in vain. I recall my life guru telling me that everything I do is purposeful and not to take it for granted. Could this be what she saw? I don’t know but I do know how amazing this feels.

True wealth lies in the happiness of the process; I only appreciate this fundamental truth when I do things that set the Soul on fire.

I’m in love with what all this means.