everything is nothing ebook


For the world that you see before you is a lie, and that’s the truth, and that’s an absolute lie. In this deceit lies the truth because, truth be told, it is all a lie, and that is the truth.
Nothing about the afore-mentioned makes sense and that makes complete sense. It is like the absence of light is the birth place of light itself only made possible by its polar opposite, darkness that cannot be termed as such without the abundance of security that accompanies the light. When it is said that one is a walking contradiction (used as mockery), we miss the silver lining of this phrase because life as a whole is, in mundane terminology, a walking contradiction. The problem is we understand it from the untrained eye of man who only sees a fraction of a fraction of the whole. And even then, the parts of the picture that we do see are overwhelmed by a plethora of paradoxes that make it impossible for any of it to makes sense and this makes sense. It is possibility that makes these paradoxes possible, all the while the impossibility of deciphering them is borne thereof.
How can we make sense of everything if all exists due to the infinite nothingness? It is a pickle I tell you, but like all solutions lie in the problem, everything is nothing and nothing is everything. It is around you at all times. It is the pockets of air you breathe that consist of molecules and empty spaces in between. It is the light you take in through your eyes and the darkness that overwhelms you with every blink. It is the footsteps in the sand that you leave behind when walking, coupled by the space that fills each stride.
It is the completeness of everything and the multitudinous nothingness that coexist to make all this possible without comprehension for any of it. It is how we explain the phenomena of 1s and 0s, the finite and the infinite.
The uninitiated are bamboozled and the enlightened know better than to label themselves as enlightened. They understand that knowledge is infinite yet delicately connected by an unbreakable thread that is finite. It is all knowable and still vastly incomprehensible. To make sense of it all, it would not be enough to roam around the mind of the Great Singularity because this would constitute one being a separate entity from Singularity itself. No, the answer is a lot more cunning than that. Forget who and what you think yourself to be. Realise that you are one with the many and the many make up the one with the sincerest understanding that there is no “many” but only one. You are It and it is you. However, the conundrum here is that there is no You (for you are the many) and there is no It (for It is you); so what is there? There is nothing and there is everything.

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