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For the constitution of all that happens as it should, one must understand the principles of timing all the while making allowance for its absence or complete obliteration all together.
As the days turn to night and night to day, year after year we make promises to ourselves about matters that we believe resolute. We call these resolutions and for better worse or indifferent, we pour our energy into such ideals hoping for greener pastures. What we fail to realise is the entrapment we find ourselves in, created by our own limited understanding of time.
We view time as linear, a straight line of past present and future. As much as we exist in the present, our minds tiptoe between memory and prospect hardly embracing the reward of being alive in the here and now. We all have intentions on how to map out our lives and coincidentally this is what breeds frustration and anguish. When our plans do not work out as prearranged, we suffer at the hand of our failures. When we plan for a yet to be realised future event, we suffer at the hands of anxiety for what may or may not occur. It’s a cruel joke filled with peaks and valleys, your life on the line as a weight tied to the end of a shoe string flung up and down by your own wishful thinking.
When everything survives within the constructs of time, it becomes increasingly difficult to break away from this notion because everything seems to exist for the sole purpose of reinforcing this fundamental. The mere thought that time is an illusion seems blasphemous, but how often are we at the short end of a very long stick inevitably forced to unlearn, relearn and ultimately restructure our beliefs. This may be one of those moments. There are three side to every coin as there are three ways to tackling all challenges and opportunities. You have peaks, you have valleys and you also have the flow of the current that lies above the ocean floor and below the tidal waves. This part of the water is most habitable as it comes with least resistance. This is where the phrase “go with the flow is borne”. The key to this is realising that overcoming all obstacles is understanding their root cause. Leave failure and anxiety at the door.
The past and the future provide great lessons but do not do well as realities to exist. The Idea of sincere manifestation is true belief in knowing that your manifestations will surface as you have envisioned. With that said, one must acknowledge what being anxious actually means. It means you are worried about something you want not coming to fruition. When manifests are strong, anxiety and worry have no place to shine. The same is said with failure; it only exists when one fails to see through disappointment and realise the underlying lesson.
Time as a construct, like everything else, has a certain amount of value. What it fails to do is help measure the rate of success. Things happen as they should based on lessons learnt, skills acquired and opportunities taken. Time by the afore-mentioned measures add little to no value. Lessons cannot be rushed, quality of skills cannot be rushed and frequency of opportunities also cannot be rushed.
Appreciate Time for what it provides, it has its place or does it?

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