Ever wondered why a serpent is portrayed as a dangerous creature and for the most part, an evil entity? It is the indoctrination of false identity bestowed upon you to make you afraid of your own absolute power.
Consider for a moment the enchantment of the snake charmer and how through his pungi, finds a way to hypnotise the serpent, bending it to his will. It is the illusion set forth that misguides you to believing that all his sorcery is borne from his pungi and his ability to command the notes it resonates. This isn’t so different from the illusion one is taught to believe that true power is awakened by an external force. The pungi does not have absolute authority in the snake charmer’s ability to command. In fact he does not command any obedience from the serpent, not a single drop.
The serpent, trapped in the woven basket, is weary of its surroundings, careful to bring its head up to the brim as it reveals itself. Upon resurface, what the serpent finds before its eyes is the charmer, calm and composed. The charmer isn’t startled by the sudden appearance of the serpent. He is sure of his safety, as sure as the sturdiness of the turban tied around his head. He is present, he is poised. He plays his pungi eloquently. His body isn’t still, it moves in a subtle repetitive motion as if to mimic the serpent, and therein lies the enchantment. It is the sublime notion of unspoken trust in the process, seeing it through with unwavering conviction and letting go of the need to control the outcome with physical manipulation.
This takes the discipline of a clear mind and a clear conscience; and before your very eyes the charmer and the serpent are in unison. This is not so different from the unlimited power we all possess. We are simply too afraid to let it be.
Let the serpent be the serpent, adore it and appreciate it for what it is. The serpent is not only a part of you but in actuality it is you. This great reservoir of untapped energy lies dormant in all of us waiting for the flood gates to be removed so it can roam unrestricted and true. Fear of it does not tame, it only cripples.
Understanding the ferocity of power without control is key. One cannot hope to survive the unshackling of such a force without prior preparation in the same way the master charmer wouldn’t trust his apprentice with the handling of a King Cobra without adequate planning and training. The depiction of the serpent as dangerous is accurate, so is the threat of our absolute potential. The serpent can be misconstrued as evil similar to the destructive capability of our dormant eternal flame. Preparation is necessary, physical and mental stamina are vital. Danger only lives in the presence of threat. Evil is only labelled as such by lack of comprehension.
One must take notes from the snake charmer by piercing through his veil of deception. The control of power does not come from the power of control. One must remove all obstacles and illusions of control thus allowing the serpent to move freely with ease. This is the essence of Omnipotence.

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