Our Magic & Where It Lives

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Our magic and where it lives
It is true that more than one world exists.
In bubbles we float amongst each other and others,
On occasion colliding and creating a bigger bubble.
It becomes a home for us both,
Separate from the lives we live as individuals
Yet inseparable we are at this very moment.
It’s as if the outside world is cold dark and alone
But the existence we share is electrifying,
A source of hope unambiguous and clear minded.
Here I love you without recourse
Because in this place loving you is easy
And comes without condition.
May the lights never dim,
May the sun never set nor should the well run dry.
Soon it will be nightfall
And my eyes will shut out the cold dark and alone,
Only to open up to our bubble that we created.
What shall we call it?
Let us plug in for now and worry about titles later.

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