Rachel’s Own

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Rachel’s Own
Perfectly flawed and never without a moment of debate, the way to this heart is paved with lessons learnt from her whose womb was bold enough to carry this king of ours. Ten fingers and toes, who could ask for more? Born equal and some more equal than others isn’t true; it’s the reasons bestowed on us that make up the differences. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and the same can be said for a woman raising hers alone. But look at the ambition borne of this seed; it is unmatched and unchallenged beyond what most can conceive.
Try as you may to understand the boy and come up short. Is he bragging, being braggadocious and completely self-absorbed? But is it really as how it’s assumed if all he is is true to his very nature. Pardon the absence of a question mark but that statement is rhetorical. Raring to go with no obstacle but himself, he is quick to self-destruct as a means of removing the hurdles and barriers.
Some of the moves made aren’t at first base or seen on the surface because the chosen rarely act out roles appreciated by the masses. It could be said to have happened by chance or “it was meant to be”, but the ones that see know the truth. At a level above the rest, it’s never easy to birth a golden child but easy does it is how she did it. All praise and past due congratulations to this heroine; you made me a paragon, a leader among men. Rachel’s Own.

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