Suicide & Self-destruction

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Suicide & Self-destruction
The load can become unbearable. It can all come tumbling down like a house of cards, and this could be the resultant of uncontrollable circumstances or self-inflicted battles on one’s livelihood. On the one hand, the end is expected and premeditated. On the other, it all comes to a realisation a little late in the game and before you know it it’s all over.
The ends that befall us in the aforementioned are cursed by a cataclysmic resolute. Such a resolute may not necessarily take form in the physical but live in the heart of the victim as emotions bent over backwards and turned inside out. The heart and mind in a state of frailty find it difficult to overcome the hardships faced. Sometimes the only conceivable solution to the riddle is tossing the tainted canvas aside in hopes of a brighter reincarnation or a quiet evening that lasts forever.
There are occurrences in which we are the antagonist and victim, the ticking time bomb and the casualty of its explosion. Whether this comes alive as substance abuse, the unending re-enactment of emotional traumas (because misery needs company), or the insatiable desire to always put yourself in full view of dangerous circumstances hoping to be recognized for the hurt you feel. The basic idea resonates with the notion of complete obliteration, unknowingly so because at no point do you allow yourself to feel and go through the motions.
Suicide and self-destruction are ailments of the same poison in need of the same medicine packaged in the bottle of compassion, empathy and understanding. The suicide victim struggles with trauma of seeing and experiencing too much or nothing at all, completely isolated thus choosing to end it and forgo the blessing of being alive. The one who self-destructs goes through similar traumas of too much or nothing at all, but instead of taking their own life, it is best to find validation and amnesia in external stimuli never facing reality and unaware that this in itself is also a form of an undesirable end, only slower.
It is dark and hell is hot. Should the thick and heavy blanket of your burdens become too much to bear, which toxin of relief would you ingest, suicide or self-destruction?

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