A Life Deliberate

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A Life Deliberate
It is not often that one lives a life that is conscious and aware, in full view of what it attracts and repels. Too often we are ruled by emotions rather than being the dictators of all we allow ourselves to feel.
Emotions are energy in motion and just like water, emotions left to their own demise will flow in whichever direction they choose, good or bad. A choice must be made at every moment to decide how we want to feel about the actions that are to become the events of the day. Not only are we at the receiving end but we are also the givers and the creators. The whole supply chain of how we perceive the world around us and how we eventually feel about what we see is in our complete control should we choose to realise this simple truth.
It has become common practice to seek understanding by looking at outside stimuli. How often do we look within to the answers of the world? How often does it dawn on us that the world as we know it is a finite space, a speck of dust within the infinite Universe, thus realising that we have power and control beyond the constraints of the earth because we are immeasurable by nature? This hardly happens and we usually dumb down our super nature because we are unaware of it or maybe even make a conscious decision to leave this great responsibility to the hands of another. Things seem a lot easier when done for us but we do not realise that all things are more rewarding when we do them ourselves.
We need to reclaim our unending infinite and deathless selves. This is the meaning of living a life deliberately.
We must be deliberate in our actions. We need to be deliberate in our positively reinforced thoughts. We should be deliberate in our demands for truth, not from external stimuli but our higher selves, the future self that experienced all plausible outcomes and chose the one that was best suited for its purpose.
Deliverance only occurs to those deliberate about their demands. Want more for yourself and want better for yourself. Always seek out ways to improve yourself and do this deliberately!

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