Remember who you are

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Remember who you are
Ever wondered why your reflection in a pool of water is never a static image, considering that the human body is predominantly the make-up of the aforementioned liquid?
The immediate answer would lean towards a descriptive breakdown of water as a chemical compound which is always in a state of change, and how the reason our reflection is not static is because water isn’t static. This is not in any way socially unacceptable as a notion of study, but is a little misguided in its insinuations.
Water is a liquid and as such is always in a state of change, never taking the same form twice. However, is the same analogy not true for the human body, mind and spirit? Are we not at a constant state of change? Does the body not go through processes of complete renewal at every waking moment? Do we not constantly shed skin cells and hair follicles? So essentially we too are at a constant state of change.
To take matters even deeper into this hypothesis, we must acknowledge the noble truth of vibration and the role it plays. The human body is always in a state of motion from what we perceive (through the human eye) all the way within to our most subatomic composites. This dictates that we are never static, always moving, always changing, therefore at a constant vibratory form.
The point of all this is quite simple.
We marvel at the wonders of the most abundant matter on earth, water, yet we do not realise that we are water personified and the marvels we recognize in water are native to us humans as well.
No person is just one thing. These are just self-inflicted limitations as we cower away from the challenges that are put in place to test our worthiness. Water has no need to conform. Place it in a glass and it becomes the inner embodiment of the glass. Place it in a bowl and it becomes the inner embodiment of the bowl. Drink it and it becomes the inner embodiment of your body. It keeps Mother Nature thirst quenched all the while having the strength to break apart mountains.
How does all this tie up with one’s reflection in a pool of water you ask. Well consider this; it is not water that distorts the reflection of self but in fact this capricious image is actually your truest self. You are not static, you are not one thing, but like water, you can and in actual fact are all things. With the capability and ability to be all things deeply embedded, do not allow the fictitious laws of limitation to restrict you from being all there is to become.

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