For The Love of Money

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For The Love Of Money
Anything that you feel the desire to attract must be drawn to you in some form of connection. The desire to attract success must find its roots in your love for it or what it is you do.
The mention of love will make the rest of this passage somewhat difficult to comprehend and as always mentioned, all that is said here only scratches the surface of an otherwise deep anthology.
Let’s dive right in. Everything that we love or at least have a deep connection with, whichever way you may label that connection, gets attracted and pulled into our daily lives and becomes a living entity in its own right. When we want to attract something into our lives we must find some association to it or at least create this association. It may be a love for the “thing” or what the “thing” can do for you, in a matter of speaking. In so saying you must find a love for the “thing” or have a love for what the “thing” can do for you.
Now, let us label this” thing or entity” to provide some well needed context; Money. This medium of exchange is what I speak of; Money. We all, for the most part, understand its purpose. We understand why it is a necessity but how many of us truly understand our relationship with it? This is an intriguing question as not many people question their relationship with money, what it means for them and what it takes to get the best out of it. Again, these are intriguing questions. Should we not ask these questions? We certainly ask these questions with regard to other entities. We ask these questions when it concerns our homes, our cars, we ask these questions when it concerns our professions.
For some reason the topic about money seems quite taboo and this isn’t in any way incidental. The money topic seems paradoxical within the walls of the church. In church you are told that money is the route of all evil. In the same breath a congregation is expected to fill the collection plate at every Sunday service, usually more than once on a single day in a number of sermons.
This is where I introduce the one element that every working man and woman desires in their everyday lives, more money. We all want to make more money so we can live free of any financial difficulties. We are told about money affirmations and how we need to live by the creed to attract more wealth into our lives. But does this not require an element of love in the equation for it to be a success? How can one possibly expect to reel in more money and find riches if they do not have a genuine attraction for money or what it can do, maybe even both?
“Does this mean I have to love money for me to make money? Blasphemy I tell you! Blasphemy”! I don’t blame you for feeling this way or thinking such given what you’ve been taught about money and the evil it is said to breed. But how often do we learn things that later on we are forced to unlearn as they do not work for our belief structure or how we lead our lives? This happens quite often. Therefore I ask you to lend your ears to a new perspective.
Some people want to be rich, others want a life of comfort bought by having just enough as far as finances are concerned.

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