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Free Enterprise
It is on extremely rare occasions that I am asked why I took the road less travelled and pursued business interests; why I turned down a 7 figure offer from my last employer. Well the answer is dense but very simple. Its density is due to many reasons and its simplicity will be realised at the end of the passage.
Since I was 10yrs old I’ve had a knack for business. The basic principles of buyer and seller; supply and demand have always been embedded in me. Who knows, I may have been a merchant in my past life. These skills were realised as early as the 3rd grade (unknowingly so at the time).
I’ve just recently begun to understand why I was hardly asked why I chose business instead of employment. What most people do ask is the type of business I have chosen to invest my efforts. Please keep in mind that whether you have a business or a 9-5, it all boils down to whether it feels like a job or like a career.
The reasons why I am in business are all interrelated and yet only one reason holds the most weight. Simply put, I want to create a free enterprise. By definition a free enterprise is an economic system in which private business operates in competition and largely free of state control. Now I’m sure you asking yourself how this “definition” relates to the point I am making. Well allow me to expatiate.
We are children of the new age. We are children who belong to a higher school of thought and paradoxically a lower level of ignorance. We all want to be free. We all want to govern our lives the way we see fit and this can be achieved in a number of ways. The avenue I’ve chosen is that of business. How many of you own your own time, or better yet to lighten the load of this question, how many of you are working towards owning your own time? Makes you wonder doesn’t it. Well that’s part in parcel of why I chose to embark on this seemingly impossible endeavour without any loans or contingencies, without state funding. Just sheer will, creativity, wit and the willingness to carve my own way in this life.
When I registered my company back in 2013 I knew the time would come where I would have to risk it all; a time where there would be no income, no more living for the weekend and no more company benefits. What I would get in return is a lot of time on my hands and most importantly a mind free of the responsibilities of another entity’s dreams or visions. I would cultivate my own dreams, my own visions till they came to fruition.
Now about free enterprise, we have so many millionaires in this country and a handful of billionaires. Granted these people give to charity and provide all types of bursaries and the likes; but I am yet to see a single man or woman really put their name and purse behind extra-ordinary individuals to provide infrastructure and relationship building that will truly change the way South Africa is viewed as a country [and Africa at large].
Maybe I need to read more to know of them. We own so little of our resources and land that we leave nothing for the future generations. The most disheartening thing is that we constantly hear about people in power who abuse their positions for profiteering everyday on all media platforms, yet we hardly hear about individuals who are literally changing the face of business by truly providing reality shifting opportunities.
The way I see it, if we don’t do it nobody else will. Wealth is important and yes I want a lot of it. A legacy is important especially when it’s embedded in the hearts and minds of the lives you change for the better. My family is prime and I want to see them in a better position on all standards of living. All these elements are important and the one way to achieve all this for not just my family but the masses at large is market share. The only way you can control the tide is to have influence over the moon. I’ll give you a second to let that marinate.
Cham In Business | CIB is the consulting division of Cham Enterprises Limited. There are other key organisations that form part of the whole and this here is the basic business model that I speak of. If you want to go ahead then go alone but if you want to go far then go with others, others who are like minded. Some may not even know what they are chasing till you show them a way to get off that Ferris wheel and start taking meaningful strides.
The goal is quite simple; to turn the tide.

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