The Real Success Story

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The Real Success Story
The road to success winds like a meandering river with infinite twists and turns, a multitude of lessons and eventual exuberance. It is a labyrinth that leads to our innermost wants and desires.
Sacrifice is the word that comes to mind when considering all that has to be traded for a life of leisure and abundance in wealth; wealth of happiness, finance and all round peace of mind. Life has been designed to demand a lot of you for all its gifts. Nothing worth having is easily attained. It takes an ass [donkey] to kick down a barn but it takes a carpenter to build it back up. There is a lot of wisdom to this analogy as destruction always seems easier to achieve than creation. It speaks volumes to the efforts necessary for achieving success in whatever form one views the elements of success.
For the most part, success is attached to the amount of financial wealth one acquires not realising that money is usually the last element that is gained from hard work and persistence. What is to be said about the lessons learnt along the way, the relationships created and cultivated, the skills attained and the perception by one’s peers and business partners? All these fundamentals form a large portion of success long before the riches find themselves in your bank account. So let us not look passed these gains. They should be regarded as wins in every respect.
It is true that these aforementioned fundamentals cannot pay the bills by putting food on the table when considering our immediate needs.
Most of us have car payments and mortgages, just two examples from a long list of items deemed as stress generating challenges. This shouldn’t in anyway make one’s focus move away from the goal. When the target is clear and the focus is sturdy, not even a tiger wave can shift one’s concentration. Beating yourself up is very easy to do as we tend to be our own worst critics. However, every coin has two sides and a lot can be said about being your biggest and best cheerleader.
The belief in your abilities and the conviction in your will to succeed begin with you. Be careful not to overlook your real success for the illusive haven created by money.

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