Wilful Servitude

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Wilful Servitude
I awakened to my omnipotence when I realised what a life of purpose meant. Driven by materialism and the desire to acquire, we become blinded to that which is in front of us at all times.
Those of great rapport and fine-tuned ears for the whispers of the universe are rewarded and anointed with the oils of good fortune and glad tidings.
Innerstanding comes at a cost. Its price is your ability to step out of your own way, but this isn’t easily understood. We are all here to do what we are all here to do.
I am a servant. I am here to serve. What I am here to serve is Greatness. It doesn’t take much to acquire riches and flaunt them at every turn. What is challenging is the ability to bring to the fold an entirely new wave of thinking, one that lends alternative perspective and in so doing shifts the tectonic plates that breed a new reality.
I am a servant of Greatness. I am here to Inspire. I am here to teach. I am here to guide. I am here to be of service.

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