The Unexpected & The Devastated

The Unexpected & The Devastated ebook


The Unexpected & The Devastated
For all the tears cried
The smiles couldn’t stay afloat on the vessel of forgiveness
With all the immaturity that took too long to wash out
Stains of lessons learnt led to the fears of an inevitable end
Given everything that you were ready for
The age difference taught us that the elder isn’t always wiser
All the times that the answer was ‘yes’
Even a single ‘no’ knocks louder than the afore
It seems that unexpected occurrences rarely play themselves out as per the conceived notions that soon follow. Maybe the unexpectance assumes the role of deliverer to those with lessons to learn, growth to endure and blessings to attain. Certain things pass us because they are better than what we were ready for.
Maybe it’s all meant to end in devastation…

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