Comparison between Having & Being

Comparison between Having & Being ebook


Comparison between Having & Being
If you have walked a long way down the path of accomplishment and proficiency, then I commend you on your efforts, for nothing worth gaining comes without its high prize coupled with compromise and sacrifice. If not for sound innerstanding of the thin line between Having and Being, we might all be lost in the darkness of materialism completely oblivious of our ability to materialize.
We pride ourselves on the ability to acquire. The more we attain, the better we feel about ourselves. Our ever indulgent passion for procurement pits us against ourselves in social status. The competition it breeds drains us of our light [our source energy] and in turn cultivates the very same radiance to feed the undying machine of consumerism and profiteering. This “outward” expression of existence can be traced back to the earliest man who walked this earth fearful of his surroundings and unguarded against the dangers that would soon befall him. This resulted in his first effort to protect himself by using the surrounding constructs to his benefit. This gave birth to the first tools and weapons, the first shelters deep within baron caves. What this did was give mankind an imbalanced reliance on what was without rather than within. The mind became a tool to further advance our survival by augmenting the materials we had at our disposal instead of it being the messiah of meaning towards materialisation and what we could Be. Bear in mind the fundamental differences between materialism and materialisation.
Many years have passed since the first footprints of the first man, and yet we still live by the creed of outward expression instead of inward awakening. All we’ve managed to do is hypothesize the possibilities of inward awakening, in other words, what would happen if we had access to more brain power than what we currently utilise. They say with one cell you are alive and with two you are walking. With walking comes exploration and that’s when interesting things occur. So, in the last billion years since the first single celled organism, everything up to the 21st century is all we’ve managed to accomplish; nowhere closer to understanding the full extent of the mind. No different than the first man and his fascination with fire.
Materialism in the form of consumerism has held us back for far too long. “Having” isn’t all its shaped up to be, or maybe it is and mankind has allowed itself to find comfort in this way of survival. We need to materialise, we need to Be and find comfort in the art of Being.
Strip away fear, strip away failed social constructs and begin to realise the strength of inner awakening. Find drive in the need to materialise rather than materialism.

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