Africanisation defined

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Africanisation defined
As it were the Germans find comfort in their garage, militancy and austerity in their class of automobiles. If Italian it may be the kitchen and its utensils; a way to a man’s heart with hearty meals of benevolence. Let us not look passed their affinity for fine fashion. A passion shared with their neighbours on French borders. They too find contentment in fine dining, pastries of all sorts, a world of confectionery. Japanese folk have their culture and tradition of old and new, the way of the samurai and the new age of technology.
Definitive we are, by our traditions, our ever evolving cultures and by our mannerisms. Manners maketh man, culture forms a tribe and tradition is becoming of the ways of a nation. Still, it is instinct that binds us all as a specie. Together we stand and divided we fall. How ironic that we as a people are on all occasions divided by those that we share a biological framework. In any case, this does not form part of the hypothesis that is in discussion here.
In previous work, comparative analysis was made between Westernisation and Modernisation. We spoke about how these two distinguishable constructs were, on more than a few occasions, interchanged as if meaning the very same thing. Later in the aforementioned passage, it was concluded that one of these terms meant an adoption of the ways of western borne culture while the other spoke about a process of evolution in the ways and standards of living of people who had adopted principles that shed primitive behaviour for more advanced means of continued survival.
The rape of Africa began lifetimes ago and we are yet to see an end to such a heinous act. Colonisation has divided and conquered this beloved continent once proud and overflowing with grand knowledge and natural resources. Even though our skin colors harbour different shades of the same earth brown, our ideologies have found us at opposite ends of reasoning. This has led us to a great divide, a separation that continues to have us bickering while the East and the West pull the rugs and natural resources from under our feet. For all the years passed, our neighboring continents solidify their identities, making sure that they stand for something. In the opening paragraph, mention was made to but a few who have lived up to their traditions, cultures and crafts. These nations have become world renowned with top dollar offered for their trades from all corners of the globe.
For all that Africa has endured, all that she has carried on her weary bosom and for every single tear she’s cried for the loss of what is rightfully hers, what gain and honor has been bestowed on her head as a crown of high authority? Nothing, so much so that even her children born and bred on her soil, scavenge for her remains once the great super powers have had their fill. We know not who we are. Being forgetful is not a punishable crime but being ignorant is an act only death can rectify. Death of the body or death of the mind and its old ways of thinking. The decision rests on us.
Africanisation is a term not regularly used as you would likely assume for the terms Westernisation and Modernisation. The term Africanisation is not renowned. The term Africanisation lacks meaning because Africans do not have their own ways of singular development.
Let me remind you that Africa is a continent full of culture and tradition, what lacks is oneness. A scattered mind accomplishes very little but a mind singular in its present focus accomplishes much. Everything built in this world finds its origins in Africa. All things find their birth place in Africa and as such, so will be their burial ground.
Waking up to the truth can be a scary process but embracing who you are is a revelation of all sorts evolutionary and revolutionary. Define Africa for what it is, the Alpha and Omega.

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