Love & Virtue

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Love & Virtue
The patrons and advocates of Love, as we know it, are inclined to believe that this abstract conquers all, whilst Virtue and its exponents regard this theosophy as an extension of sanctitude second to none.
Mankind regard love as an emotion staunch in its stance and giving of life in a way that lifts the most sunken of spirits. It provides a sense of comfort, joy and all round exuberance. With its desire to never be outdone, Virtue stakes its claim as a state of moral excellence, the perfect denomination for characterising man’s principles and good moral high ground.
So far as the (m)assess understand, the aforementioned lay way for great debate when pit against one another in the context of deceit and misdeeds.
One would do anything for a person they love dearly. Nothing is out of reach or ethically unacceptable when done in the name of love. On the other hand, Virtue cares not for the emotional state of a person but solely looks at the situation for what it is and what is fundamentally unambiguous with the truth. Now I ask; when one is on the side of life, do they stand for Love or for Virtue (all within the abovementioned context)? A question that arises from such a conundrum is about the nobility of the two. Should you stand on the side of love, you play your part in the preservation of your loved one’s emotional state while running the risk of tearing a hole in the world with your reckoning. On the other hand, should you side with what is virtuous then you run the risk of losing compassion from the one that gives it whilst preserving harmony for your noble acts of moral excellence.
I suppose the challenge mankind suffers is its limitations in understanding the meaning of all things, the separateness it continues to perpetuate and the overwhelming arrogance bred by ignorance which keeps mankind lost in the dark despite its attempts to find apprehension.
Search beneath the scratched surface and look within. You may find these words and their true meaning inseparable from each other.

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