Treat You Like I Should

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Treat You Like I Should
At the very best your embodiment is love
At the very least I could have looked twice before passing by
In between all that I can’t treat you like I should
Falling short of the perfect truth that befalls all seekers
I should look further. I should look deeper
My window blinds weigh heavy from the dust settled
Too long it’s been since I raised them to let the sun in
Rainbows only pave ways to those drenched in rain
Triumph follows similar pathways
Finishing second place to sorrow and lost sanity
My perspective may let you down at times
Either way my reasons transcend excuses
Not sure if this is where I insert my apology
Something that’s needed but pride won’t let us be great
Swallow that pill and let’s get passed the agony
I was never good at this but my efforts prevail as genuine
Hear my cries if it means anything at all
After cutting off my nose to spite my face
I ask that you help do undone what stands firm
I apologize

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