BOLD ebook


Buried below is a pit of bellowing rage
Beneath a pile of rotten carcasses of past failures
Brought to a boil by the lactic acids of physical strain
Best left alone & placated by promise of a better tomorrow
On this burial ground I dance my fears away
Optimistic about the peaks that follow all valleys
Organised and assured
Omnipotent and benevolent in my actions
Left unscathed by the taunts of idle threats
Led by conviction and will
Lest we forget the lacerations borne of intense labour
Leadership reminds me to look within for my answers
Devouring the seed of life by becoming one with the truth
Destroying the pit of rage by embracing destiny
Drinking life to its lees for my cup will in turn runneth over
Dare to dream. Dare to be different. Daring and BOLD

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