THE NEXT ebook


The mechanism of man is as it has been for eons upon eons since his first step. He has walked this world on a journey of self-discovery. Whether it be the understanding of his environment as an extension of self or searching his depths to reveal his true self. Whatever his reasons or his conduct, it goes without saying that man and his ways have become primitive and savage in nature.
One cell and we are a living organism. Two and we take our first step. With that first step followed by the second and the next comes simultaneous curiosity and discovery. The cave man sharpened rocks as a means to hunt. The modern man carves out sharp elaborate instruments that serve a similar purpose.
The modern man needs sustenance not so different from the man of old, the first man; the cave man who is none the wiser and quite fearful of the world in which he has inhabited. This brings to light the very real very obvious fact that we are ready for an upgrade. We are prime for the next step in evolution. With the awakening of the human mind comes a new yet simpler manner of existence. We have an abundance of energy constantly surrounding us. Is there really a need to ingest a food source to keep our energy levels up.
I live you with the aforementioned rhetorical question. Of course as you may have guessed, I’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s to follow.

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