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to be KING
The mark of a great man is doused with fateful decisions driven by uncompromising results and the resolute of unwavering conviction.
There are many tales that tell the stories of great men and the kings of old. None are identical, some share opposing views but all have keen similarities. Some of these men carry the mantle of ‘Great Messiah’; others have the genetic constitution of a self-serving mad man driven by egocentricity. As opposing as these constructs may be, the keen similarity is the notion of being ‘called upon’ a great cause; a calling that these men would regard as a colossal burden to those lesser. When greatness calls upon a person, it is not always for the overall benefit of an entire people. At times it is by the need of his immediate family that he must rise to the occasion of patriarchy. But every so often there comes a time when the calling is directly related to the need for an extreme shift in reality, setting about a new path that leads to higher consciousness. This shift beckons only the strongest of us, and it is rarely by our choosing that the call is answered. One is simply tossed into the bottomless well and expected to stay afloat or even go beyond the expected, say, walk on water.
Such expectation challenges even the purest soul, and not knowing all the answers or the way, weighs heavy on the crown. Once you portray all the elements that make up a man driven by greatness, expectation from others demands answers to life’s unanswered questions. Not every good man is destined to be king. At times it is the corruptible that lay their weary souls on the bosom of ‘the calling’.
It is said that if God is all powerful then he cannot be all good, and if he is all good then he cannot be all powerful. This hypothesis holds much water in the eyes of would-be kings because even a good man with a good heart finds it very difficult to be a good king. How does one differentiate between the right decision for the wrong cause and the wrong decision for the right cause? Is there a way to appeal to the needs of everyone and not fall victim to absolute power with its ability to corrupt absolutely?
It belongs to the imperfection of everything human that man can only attain his desire by passing through its opposite. It is from the test of malversation that we gain favour in our fellow man’s admiration. So take heed in what you wish for. The walls of least resistance are easily breached.

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