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According to the acceptance based on mass appeal, prayer by definition is a solemn request for help or an expression of thanks expressed to God or another deity. It is also termed a ‘religious service’ and ‘an earnest hope or wish’. All the above expressions are well rooted in the soil of religion.
For most, prayer is a desperate plea on one hand, and a deep anointment of gratification on the other. With the sacred symbol of inseparable palms, it provides a sense of calm and centeredness to the one in the act of praying. It is also a globally accepted rational that when one prays it is done to a being of far greater comprehension and omnipotence. If this viewpoint on the fundamentals of prayer gives you comfort, then by all means, remain seated in your shell of solace and fellow feeling.
Perspective lands a different outlook than one easily accepted by the (m)asses. Let us lend some dichotomy from the laws of perspective and introduce an opinion that puts mankind on a higher playing field than we choose to acknowledge. In many great books of religion, regardless of their facts and fiction, parables and certitude; one of the many common factors is the notion of us being created in the image of the Grand Singularity. I am Him, He is I, I belong to his great manifests and all is a manifestation on the one. In so saying, it can be agreed that the degree of separation (in appearance and design) between a man and the River Nile is simply the composite layout of atoms that make up the very fabric of all in existence. In other words, in our simplest form (at an atomic and subatomic level) everything is the same, everything belongs to and is one, the Singularity.
Bestowed upon us, when considering the aforementioned, is great powers and abilities beyond our current level of comprehension. We are capable of more than what we allow ourselves to believe. And this ideal brings us to the forefront of this passage about what it truly means to embark in an act of prayer. Allow me to expatiate. We are godlike in many ways; our bodies are divine in their workings, but all things must be awake within, in order to understand them. When we pray we pass thought and psychological gesture down the stream of eventuality seeking a predetermined outcome of which is the essential building block of any prayer. In other words, we pray with intent. Thought is as real as the images that you see before you, created by the very same energy and essence that is your embodiment. So when you pray consider that it is not you asking for favour from The Great Sage, instead think of it as the passing of positive energy and light to that and those you pray for. By mere mention in thought-full word and great intent, you create a bridge of eventual occurrence to that which the prayer is intended. As the pure manifestation of Singularity, the powers you think you pray to are actually encoded in you for you are the source and the doorway simultaneously. Through prayer you tap into a whirlpool of power that brings about grand feats deemed improbable by physical actions alone; similar to waving a wand expecting a magical outcome without knowing the incantation that must be said or thought.
All resonates within, and everything we are taught to think is given to us by another is in actuality our own essence tapping into the most abundant essence from which we are borne.

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