An Eventuality

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An Eventuality
Looking back through the ages, one thing is for certain; we are a history of violence. We cannot, no matter how much we try, shy away from the very element that has accompanied us though the tides. We know no better and those who have found inner peace have not made their way back to see us through our ignorance. What is it that can save us? Throughout the sands of time and still, at our very core, we are savages wrestling amongst ourselves for what could be had in abundance if evenly shared.
Ignorance can be bliss, momentarily; and the brutal truth at times becomes too much for the naked eye. Anything seen often enough becomes a part of our psyche. It becomes void of shock, turning into a feeling of everyday occurrence like waking up with able bodies that we so often take for granted. Ignorance is dreadful, in the long-run. It plays the role of the bystander hiding behind the living room curtain after having witnessed the most horrendous crime, thinking his existence has no part to play.
We are the world in which we live. The chaos it breeds, the conflict it incites and the challenges it invites. It is the makeup of our thoughts and the energetic force which all things are made of. No amount of money can free us of these burdens. The gradient between the haves and have not steepens more and more as we become slaves to our artificial desires.
Humans are impure. We are all tainted. Our coding is in dire need of a redesign. We have failed dismally in our efforts to coexist, or rather our lack thereof.
Maybe if we actually made a genuine effort to do so things would be different. The only saving grace we have to rely on is the inevitable arrival of destruction or evolution. In an existence of duality, both sides of the coin have to be examined and accepted. Once we accept the existence of these two sides, only then are we greeted with the presence of choice. Evolve or perish.

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