Wickedness v Weakness

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Wickedness v Weakness
The tyranny of man is the resultant of simple misunderstanding and misguided notions about the ways of the world. All that is at the opposite end of good and virtuous gives life to the lesser man; and with the squabbles within himself, he becomes the breeding ground for all things inharmonious.
Many things give reason to the weakness that is the wickedness of man, but none so much as the need for comparison to his fellow man. Arrogance and ignorance walk hand in hand like lovers set on one plausible outcome. Man, when faced with his own challenges, convinces himself that he is second to none when comparing the degree of his problems to his peers. Furthermore, his ignorance to the troubles faced by those of his peers is undeniable. At what point does he consider the fact that he alone is not the bearer of all problems? In an effort to console himself, he finds kinship in sorrow; as the age old saying goes, “misery needs company”. This self-manufactured and self-inflicted poison infects the mind like a cancer, weakening the man whilst feeding his wicked nature. And before you know it, the tyranny that lay dormant finds itself at the forefront.
The dark side of competitiveness does not allow one to be joyful of his brothers goodwill, yet with a smirk is very quick to conduct itself in an act of comfort during his brother’s hardship and pain. As we are one with the universe, created of the same sands of time that created the cosmos, we must be aware and awake to the fact that weakness and wickedness is very much a part of our design as is the power of virtue and the purity of all things good in the universe.
On the daily we swing back and forth like a pendulum constantly making decisions that feed into our better or lesser selves. Let us learn to live above the grasp of arrogance and ignorance; let us rejoice and embrace the forward strides of our peers whilst we extend a helping hand to those who stumble before us.

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