The Knowns

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the Knowns
Throughout existence and our individual perceptions of what is what, there are three key elements that drive the creation of the perceptions we carry with us. These are the “known knowns, the” known unknowns” and the “unknown unknowns”. Let’s break it down by each element
Known Knowns
Elements we are fully aware of (at least to our level of consciousness). These could be as simple as your name, place of residence, list of friends, favourite food, etc. These elements involuntarily drive our daily lives without us paying much attention to them.
Known Unknowns
Elements we know we know nothing of. As an example, a math teacher could tell you that they know nothing about the journey to priesthood, or a professional soccer player being clueless about Quantum physics (just to name a few mundane examples). The elements drive our curiosity into the mysteries of the unknown should we wish to explore the darkness.
Unknown Unknowns
Elements we are oblivious to, those we cannot begin to comprehend. These are the elements that drive decision making (amongst other things). We make voluntary and involuntary decisions every minute and once we make a decision which for the most part agrees with us, we immediately lose sight of other alternatives that quite possibly could have better served us than the decision we settled with.
Of all these elements the “Unknown unknowns” provides the deepest mystery simply because of how scary it can be to walk on a tight rope blind folded. Luckily for us we have hindsight that can make or break depending on your attitude towards what it reveals.
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