The Burdens of Glorious Purpose

The Burdens of Glorious Purpose ebook


The Burdens of Glorious Purpose
The only opportunity I answer to is that which provides me with the arsenal to dismantle and disfigure all forms and matters of function that society attempts to label me with.
I am more than what you see, more than what I may be perceived as. In fact to put it into perspective, I am more than what I currently am. I was never driven by what I intended to be. Instead, I sail the seas of ambitious burden to become.
With every mould I break through I shed yet another label I’m inflicted by. It is said you cannot cry for help when the pain is self-inflicted, so with that in mind, you’ll never hear me cry while baptised by the fire I voluntarily walk through.
It is all a means to another means, not to an end. Knowledge is infinite and concurrently is the power which it accommodates. Being enlightened is knowing just how much you don’t know. The Beautiful Paradox.

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