We Can Take Over The World

We can take over the World ebook


We can take over the World
Quick story…
I was on my way to the gym for my daily routine. While waiting at a red light, I saw the most amazing display of irony. So picture this; a homeless man wearing a t-shirt and jeans asking for anything worth giving away from commuters passing him by. The t-shirt is faded in front so it’s hard to make out what it is. As he turns around, the t-shirt happened to have the slogan of a well-known movie, Scarface. So it reads, “THE WORLD IS YOURS”.
At that very moment I knew what the message was from the Universe. And the message was simple. You can seize all your needs, wants and desires. All it takes is a slight change in perspective. Despite the man being homeless, he still has the ability to attain all his deepest wishes for as long as he is willing to pursue what is right in front of him

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