All That I Am

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All That I Am
I’ve never given anybody anything
Never have I parted from anything worth keeping
Kept under lock and key
I’ve refused many advances, many attempts have fallen short
Gripped by the fear of being without
Everything precious has never left my sight
A safe surrounded by high walls and barbed wire
Guarded and secured is how I’ve preserved what I hold dear
How have you come along and let it all out
What gave you the right to take from me
Who made you keeper of this skeleton key
When was I duped, hoodwinked into submission
Why does it feel as though I’ve gained more from giving way
In love with this feeling
Infatuated with the sensation
Silenced from its unavoidable howl
Taken. Helpless. Beside myself
Filled with new intent
Intoxicated by a fresh desire
To entrust all that I am
To her who puts her most treasured possessions in me
Within my lock and key
Guarded and secure

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