The Mess Up To Make Up

The Mess Up To Make Up ebook


The Mess Up To Make Up
The entrance to our beautiful home
Is a lighter shade of spotless
Down the hallway
These marble floors glimmer in my appearance
The dining room with all this Fine China
Going all out with this decor
A meal you prepared for the enjoyment of two
Warm and pleasing to the eyes
This beautiful bottle of red
Allowed to breath for a moment or few
A bubble bath that overflows
We could get lost in here
This bedroom looks familiar
Buried beneath these rose pedals makes it hard to tell
All the effort you’ve gone through
Work done to accentuate so much of what you already are
And an undeniable triumph to our humble abode
All this just to have me tear it all down
When love is what will be walking down these halls
Crawling on the marble and breaking this China
With your body on this dinner table
Covered in wine before time spent lost in these bubbles
As we start all over again
Searching through rose petals and bed sheets.

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