I Found Me

I found peace. I found me ebook


I found peace. I found me
Through the eyes of solitude
Under the blanket of isolation
Against the wall of despair
Beside the company of misery and the loneliness of mystery
Atop the mountain of lessons
Beneath the weight of promises
And along the shores of nightmares
I found peace. I found me
Never mistake being alone for being lonely
Peace is a state of being and a journey at the same time. Confronted by challenges and opportunities at every waking moment, understanding has led me that much closer to eternal peace. My inner sanctuary blossoms every day for I have faced the perceived darkness of isolation and seen the other side. I walk towards my Garden of Eden fully formed with the complete understanding and appreciation of self as I know that my love, my comfort, gratitude and ultimate happiness resides solely in me and not another
I am never out of practice. I am never too comfortable to improve on self. I realise my flaws and face them head on with the most brutal honesty, Truth. Hate me or Love me for it but the truth will always be free of shackles

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