Existence Elucidated

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Existence Elucidated
The answer to all we do, to all that we live for, what can be regarded as the purpose to all human life can be found in one word. Happiness. It is our defining purpose because what makes us happy gives us a sense accomplishment that is both inherent and different (in its outcome) to us all.
Prosperity, second to none but the aforementioned, is what gives us drive. That burning desire to see our dreams come to fruition. The triumph is different to us all as individuals but, it is inherent in all of us.
Last but certainly not least is longevity. We all want to live forever but not necessarily in the physical. We want to make an impact in the world that outlasts us when we are long gone. An imprint (or legacy) that lies deep in the hearts and minds of those we effect.
These are the three words that define my very existence.
What are yours?

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