Dreams v Nightmares

Dreams V Nightmares ebook


The thing about dreams is if you don’t chase them, they will
chase you. Don’t allow yourself to be haunted by dreams
turned nightmares. It’s easy to dream, to get lost in your head
imagining all the great things you could be and all the
amazing feats you want to achieve. It’s another story all
together to actually put effort behind your visions with the
sole intent of making them a reality.
In some respects we are all dreamers, and whether you are a
realist or live in the clouds, we all have ideals about how we
want to live our lives during our time on this plane. The key is
to ensure that your dreams are all inspiring, that they haunt
you in the most beautiful way so you can achieve them. Never
let them turn against you.
This line is very thin so be careful not to stumble over it.

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