Happiness is not for free

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Happiness is not for free
There is a cost to everything in this world. Even for something as abundant as happiness. One way or another it is paid for in some form of effort.
To the (m)asses, happiness is a destination or a by-product. It happens so involuntarily that it is hardly noticed. We go to places to have fun and in so doing be happy. By that regard happiness becomes a destination (the place you have gone to have fun) and a by-product of the fun you experience at the place you go.
The saying “small things amuse small minds” is on many occasions utilized incorrectly with efforts to belittle those others deem as taken by the simplest and at times idiotic of things. What is frequently missed is that minimalism is the way of the Universe and it should not take much at all (if any amount what so ever) to amuse the mind.
Looking at an infant and how it is always in good spirit speaks to how we as a species should experience happiness… As a state of being. Unfortunately, given the way of the world, it comes at a cost because as we get older and become products of our environments we lose sight in the simplicity of being. It is a skill we have to rediscover by shedding all mental anguish that plagues us on every waking moment and “realising” that we are born free. It is us who apply cost which needs effort to be eliminated thus bringing back our once known and accustomed state of being.

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