You are the Source

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You are the Source
We often use the word source as a place of beginning, as a place of first resonance. Some place we need to go, to figure out how “it” all started (whatever that “it” may be). What we blatantly miss from this type of action is that YOU are the Source. There is no other. You needn’t go to a place to find the Source. You are it, you are the plug and the electrical impulse which comes from the source that finally discharges into open space…
When you look to outside sources to bring you fulfilment, you give away your power. Think of it with regards to any activity for which there is some form of earth based validator, whether is be an institution are just a person. If, for example, you are a painter, a servant in the fine arts of bringing canvas and paint to life, most of the time you’ll be looking for an institution in the fine arts to give you validation for your own work. A person or group that will decide whether or not you are good enough to be put amongst the other so called great artists, based on the “institution’s” learnt knowledge of what “they” deem is art and what isn’t. Should this institution not see your vision as you do, they will be quick to disregard your work as mediocre at best and toss it aside as worthless. And with one keystroke there goes the ambition that laid dormant, that spark that could have fuelled your artwork for decades to come
All I am saying is, you do not need anyone to tell you whether your efforts are good enough. The answers all lie in TRUTH. Being honest with yourself will provide you with the answers you seek.
Do not delude yourself. Be honest with the man in the mirror and in so doing, you will find that you are the answer. You are the Source. Don’t wait for validation, don’t wait for fulfilment from an external stimulus. Put yourself out there, honest and true. Your work will always speak for itself. No need to be validated. Don’t wait for a certificate. Just do it .

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