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This word as it stands has no height, width or breadth to speak of, yet it holds all in the form of depth. It is almost as if the “O” in its making is the opening to look deeper for its validation and truest meaning (as if there were levels about the essence of love). To try and grasp this concept think of love first as you would (given your form as human) then remove yourself from that which you think you are to try and understand love for what it is as it stands
Whenever we think of love, almost immediately we imagine a physical connection with those we have love for. Whether it is for your parent, sibling, companion or friend, it stems from bondage created by historical events that have led to you expressing your emotions for another as that of love. This is all good and well but fundamentally it is lacking. Not flawed but lacking. I will explain its lack thereof by eluding the human element (or primal understanding) of love
Now, imagine yourself as a plant. Now imagine yourself amongst a field of plants or tress if you will, not unlike a forest. If you could with the naked eye, see beneath the soil, you would realise that the plants have no physical connection with one another but have managed to space themselves out in such a way that all flourish from the nourishment of the soil, rain and sun respectively. And with that notion at hand, how has it come to be that without actual physical contact, turmoil or bickering, all these trees have flourished to form a self-sufficient community where all reach their highest potential? Pun intended
Is it not so out of communication, is it not so out of basic understanding of taking only what is necessary for growth, is it not out of an inert understanding that one cannot flourish alone and still term itself a forest. Should we not then constitute such thoughts and others similar as elements that make up love? What we as humans always do is place comprehension in a box labelled as human understanding. We take love and assume that it is a human emotion when in fact love is a word. All that matters is the connection the word implies
Let that marinade

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