Souls of Slaves & Free Men

Souls of Slaves & Free Men ebook


Souls of Slaves & Free Men
Are you the soul of a Slave or the soul of a Free man?
The question is deeper than this passage can fathom, alas, let us try to decipher its infinite coding.
First and foremost understand that you are a soul with a body of flesh and blood, NOT the other way around. Let that marinade. Long gone are the days of shackles on man’s wrists and ankles, yet we are more enslaved now than ever before. We are enslaved by all the desires we seek. We are enslaved by the corporations that paint us elaborate pictorials of lavish lifestyles that add nothing to the soul, only adding more baggage filled with items you do not need and cannot take with you when you finally bid adieu to this plane.
We are born into bondage and this, so far as we know, we cannot change. What we have power over is what we do when we become increasingly aware of our surroundings and the cards we are dealt with to tackle the duties that are attached to this great adventure we call life. We are easily burdened by our own efforts to live a life that is beyond our earnings and in so doing we continue to chase the invisible man who promises an easy life filled with wonder and overflowing with splendour. We go out into the world to find jobs. We utilize our earnings from these jobs to acquire means to make it to our desks on time. This results in our first debt agreement in the form of a vehicle we cannot afford. As we earn more we find the necessity to buy our very own nests as it becomes extensively pertinent to leave our homes and start our lives anew.
This leads us to our second debt agreement in the form of an immovable structure to which we lay our weary heads, made so by the jobs for which we labour. Within all this, copious amounts of coin is spent on threads and accessories to look appropriate and more coin spent on weekends to release the stress caused by the jobs we go to on the daily. These are the fundamentals of the Soul of a Slave.
Instead of repeating the acts long carved in the history books of those before us, we should aim to wake up from the illusion of living beyond one’s means. We should wake up from the lie forever told about the the desires of life. We must utilize the words “riches” and “wealth” to describe not only materiel gain/excess but also the gains in noble truth, powerful knowledge, honorable humility, kindliness and the likes. The acts are free in the required expense to be performed, yet the vastness in the wealth acquired in their practice is insurmountable. And in so doing we become free men, we become rich wealthy men. We become whole.

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