Modernisation v Westernisation

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Modernisation v Westernisation
Misinformation puts us in place of the donkey with the dangling carrot in front of it. Essentially we are told what is what and are manipulated to follow the status quo of the information provided aimlessly and blindly in an effort to dumb the nerves so we are unaware of how the senses are being dulled to turn us into a system under one control which at its core does not serve the betterment of humanity.
Modernisation v Westernisation. These words are commonly interchanged with the intent of emphasising that they somehow mean the same thing when they couldn’t be further apart in their fundamentals and respective definition.
Modernisation by definition is a model of a progressive transition from a ‘pre-modern’ or ‘traditional’ to a ‘modern’ society. Essentially this speaks to the developmental progression of all spheres in a society such as transportation, medical solutions, education & standards of living as a whole.
Westernisation, on the other hand, by definition is a process whereby societies come under or adopt western culture; essentially taking a laid out blueprint of a western society and adopting its core structures and fundamentals. This is not limited to what works, but also what doesn’t and is to an extent detrimental to the ways of the adopting society.
It is very important that whilst we understand that some elements of modernisation can be adopted from “western” societies or any other that is more developed than our own, it is very important to understand the differences between these two ideals. Measures must be put in place to halt a westernised society as it does not in its entirety even serve its origins very well.
Let us instil efforts to modernize our societies making the essential cost of living better for all who inhabit this blue marble. That is the only way that we can rid ourselves of all the skirmishes that plague our very existence. Bear in mind that once again, I’ve barely scratched the surface. The layers that make up this gargantuan paradigm need more than a passage to properly expatiate.

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