the God in Man

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the God in Man
to all my ladies…
Find you a man that has an attraction that’s beyond skin deep. A man who’s not only a looker but also has an attractive demeanour with the way he leads his life. A man who always wants you at your best physically and psychologically because he himself strives for it. A man you find pleasure in showing off.
Find you a man who has the mental capacity and tongue action to keep u mentally aroused through his words, his choice of diction; a man who can hold a thought provoking conversation that goes beyond verbal. A man who is a challenge and in so doing continuously provokes your status quo. Find you a man who through his verbal and non-verbal communication shows you love, trust and loyalty.
Find you a man who will avail himself at the drop of a hat. A man you know is always a phone call away if you two are not together. A man who makes your heart yearn for his presence and at the same time is not too far out of reach. A man who takes pride in his availability, being at the right place at the right time.
Find you a man who knows that pampering isn’t limited by finances, even though finances do play an important role. A man who has no qualms about cooking you a beautiful meal; a man who’ll soak and wash your feet without being asked. Find a man who’ll give you a full body massage when all you wanted was a gentle neck rub. A man who will under-promise but over-deliver.
Find you a man who will turn the pages, who will push you up against the wall and give thanks to your golden triangle. A man who will have you asking for more. Find a man who has the Midas Touch who isn’t afraid to listen, take notes and onus in making you reach your Apex. A man who is both student and master in the art of consummation.
Finally, find you a man who holds you at the highest levels of importance. Outside of his parent/s and siblings, you should be the most important person to him. A man who regards you as family. A man who has every intention in making you feel praised. A man who sees you as his Queen, his World.
But, make sure that all these attributes resonate in you first before seeking them elsewhere.

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