Grandeur vs. Grandiose

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Grandeur vs. Grandiose
The importance of grandeur vs. it’s delusion is simply put, a thin line between what you deem important and its importance in relation to its or your surroundings.
For a second, imagine the level of importance you hold for what you believe in. Imagine what you would give to have your wishes granted. Keep in mind that only you have these specific ideals; only you carry these very specific wishes you hold so desire.
With that said, there is a steadfast determination that you carry which will not allow anyone or anything to come between you and your wishes, your goals. And this is where the delusion of grandeur may set in or rather my issues surrounding it’s meaning.
In context, a delusion of grandeur is a label placed on those whom society deems as placing their self-importance on a higher heel than the general public. Are we then not all guilty of this? If I, for example, made it my mission to learn the art of flight (as how you would picture your favourite caped crusader in flight) and let nothing stand in my way (all the while making the whole world aware of my grandiose intentions), would that not be termed a delusion of grandeur to he who has different or lessor goals for his own existence? I suppose it is only when you realise your goals that you lose the labelling and inherit another.
Adolf Hitler was thought to have delusions of grandeur till he became ruler. It was his actions thereafter that earned him the label of psychopath. Bill Gates was also thought to suffer from delusions of grandeur when he sought to revolutionise the tech industry. It was only through the accomplishment of his goals that he earned the label of “Renaissance Man of the tech era”.

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