Create the Past



create the past
Let’s think about the “rocking chair analogy” for a second. At some point in each of our lives we picture ourselves as elderly folk leaning back on a rocking chair looking out into the horizon while reminiscing on all of our best moments, well the ones we remember. For those who plan on having children, you envision the offspring of your offspring playing in the garden or asking you to tell them how “life was for you growing up”.
In any instance, the visions are always pleasant because nobody wishes malice or ill fate for themselves. With all that said, how do we ensure that these visions see their way into the chapters of our life stories?
Well we must create the past. Yes, create the past. It is said that the only way to predict the future is to create it in the now. This is also very true for the type of memories you want keeping you company during your last days. When you have lived a life full of virtue, a life of great self-discovery and an abundance of success (to whatever end success means for you); all that is left when your once able-body becomes weary are your memories. Whether grand in design or feeble in execution, that is all you will have left.
So by all means make it count. Create the opportunity to pat yourself on the back and say “Yes, dying has been a great day to live for”… CREATE THE PAST

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