Paradoxical ebook


Power is all around us and so is the availability of knowledge.
The symbiosis of the two is the very definition of “form & function”.
The use of power and coincidentally the use of knowledge is entirely dependent on the user, and so is the lack thereof. To correlate my thoughts with those that open up a book from time to time, we must ask ourselves the extent to which we plan to use the knowledge we have acquired. Is it for a definite resolute or merely for entertainment? Ask yourself.
This paradox of “knowledge without power” is more real than we choose to admit. As an example, many acquire a degree (and some a post grad) with financial gain and/or an evanescent sense of affinity as their principal driving force.
How many take the time to search further and look beyond the obvious? Ask yourself.
Humans have a great rapport for curiosity but only go as far as scratching the surface. With that said it would seem the “paradox” is as much a part of our DNA as the nucleotides that are forged by it.

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