Man & his Mane



Man & his Mane
It is with a heavy heart that one carries his hopes and dreams.
We all crave to be the best possible versions of ourselves but at what point does the cookie crumble or the diamond come to be.
It is primal. It is of a primitive display of thought that we aim for greatness.
When it boils down to the nature of a man and the nurture he succumbs through society, it is the instinct in all its natural glory that reigns supreme.
To call it primitive brings another word to mind. Savage. When we talk of savagery we bark up the tree of animalistic behaviour and at the core of it all the human race is not at all detached from the mechanisms of the animal kingdom.
Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Even the lion lays its head down from time to time to rest it’s mane.

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